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Dog Run Fence Contractor Little Rock, North Little Rock AR

Safety is extremely important to Little Rock Fence and Deck. If you want to give your pets an area in your yard to run and play when you are gone look into a dog pen fence. In other types of fencing a dog may be able to dig their way out underneath the fence. Our company can help keep your dogs safe when you are not there to keep an eye on them.

Whether you have a dog that jumps or digs we can customize your fence to suit your needs. We can put a roof or bury your fence to prevent your dog from jumping out or digging out.

Many dog kennels are small and eyesores. With Little Rock Fence and Deck your dog fencing can be built to your exact specifications. All the materials we offer for fence building can be used to install a dog fence. If you would like wood, wire mesh, or chain link Little Rock Fence and Deck can build you an attractive and safe fence. Let us know what type of fencing will be best for your dog run fencing in your lawn.

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Fill out our free quote form so that we can give you an estimate for the price of your dog run. We give you excellent service while also keeping your prices low. You can expect fantastic service that will not break the bank. What is important to you is important to us. Whether that is your family, pets, price, or quality products.

We have the best service in the central Arkansas region and give our all with every single project that we receive. have confidence in our incredibly time tested fence and deck contractors. Throughout our years of service we have served our community well and we want to serve you.

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Dog Pen Fence Repair Central Arkansas

If you have an existing dog pen, our contractors can repair or replace any parts of it you may need. Maintain your pen and it will last years. Your dog may dig up around a fence or somehow cause damage to your dog pen fence. If you are looking to fix a fence check out our Fence and Deck Repairs.

Through the years a fence will receive a lot of wear and tear, especially in our area with countless thunderstorms. If you have an old fence that is falling apart we can replace and repair any and all boards and hardware. 

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